Civil Society Alliance Forum Meets with Mondulkiri, Ratanakkiri and Steung Treng Provincial Authorities

(Steung Treng): From March 26 to 28, 2018, the Civil Society Coalition Forum (CSO) cooperated with the authorities of Mondulkiri, Ratanakkiri and Stung Treng provinces to organize a \"Dialogue Forum between Civil Society Coalition Forum. With organizations, associations, unions and communities \"for the purpose of direct discussion and consultation with civil society organizations operating in these three provinces.Mr. Kem Rath Viseth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civil Society Forum, presided over the meeting with Mr. Peng Sambath, Deputy Governor of Mondulkiri Province, Ms. Kong Sipha, Deputy Governor of Ratanakkiri Province and Mr. Chheang Lak, Acting Governor of Stung Treng Province. In a separate forum in each province, with the participation of representatives of relevant departments, units, institutions under the province, district councils, communes, sangkats and representatives of organizations, associations and communities in these three provinces.This forum provided an opportunity for NGOs, associations and communities to meet and discuss directly with the Royal Government and relevant authorities on real challenges at the grassroots level as well as other requests from the people. Well. As a result, after in-depth discussions, some of the challenges and requests of the people were actually addressed in the discussions. Separately, some remaining issues related to work at the professional level and that require further study are discussed with the authorities, institutions and competent authorities to find solutions.Mr. Kem Rathviseth confirmed to the whole forum about the role and mission of the VSS. He also mentioned the work that the VSS. Has served in the past as a facilitator and contributed to the strengthening and expansion of cooperation and development partnership between the Royal Government and civil society organizations, which are indispensable partners in the development of society to be more Progress.At the same time Aims to contribute to the development of the country by enhancing the role of civil society organizations and to support the implementation of practical projects of civil society organizations that are partners of the CSC. Civil society organizations are seen as playing an important role in contributing to the Royal Government and other stakeholders in promoting the well-being of the people and promoting sustainable socio-economic development.

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