Civil Society Alliance Forum Meeting with Takeo, Kep and Kampot Provincial Authorities

(Kampot): The Civil Society Alliance Forum (VCF) in collaboration with Takeo, Kep and Kampot Provincial Authorities organized a \"Dialogue Forum between Civil Society Forum with NGOs, Unions and Communities\" from February 27 to March 1, 2018 in Takeo, Kep and Kampot provinces.Mr. Kem Rath Viseth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civil Society Forum, presided over the meeting with Mr. Un Vanna, Deputy Governor of Takeo Province, Mr. Ngin Nginda, Deputy Governor of Kep Province and Mr. Chreung Phalla, Deputy Governor of Takeo Province. Kampot in a separate forum held in each province with many participants from relevant departments, districts, municipalities, communes, sangkats and Representatives of organizations, associations, unions and communities in each province.The purpose of this forum is to promote the role and mission of the VSS. As well as the work that VSS. Completed in the past. This forum provided an opportunity for direct discussion and consultation with civil society organizations on various challenges and created a friendly atmosphere. Government and between civil society organizations that are indispensable partners in the development of society.Speaking at the three-day forum, the President of the VSS Council made it clear that the VSS Not a regulator of civil society organizations in Cambodia. VSS is an additional coordinator with ministries and institutions to strengthen cooperation between the Royal Government and civil society organizations. More and more Aims to expand partnerships with civil society organizations to implement practical projects to contribute to the Royal Government in promoting the well-being of the people and sustainable socio-economic development.Conversation forum organized by VSS In collaboration with the provincial authorities, it is also open to organizations, associations, unions and communities to have a frank discussion and raise challenges. And its requests as well. As a result, some challenges and suggestions are actually addressed in the discussions, and some remaining issues will be discussed with the relevant authorities and authorities to Find a solution.

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