Field Visit to inspect the quality and process of a multi-purpose building

Tanorn Village: On 13 February 2024, the working group of Department of Planning and Project under permission of H.E. Kemreth Viseth, chairman of CSAF Board Director conducted an inspection on the quality and the process of a multi-purpose building as a part of China-Cambodia Friendship Village Project for Poverty Alleviation Phase II located in Tanorn Village, Doung Commune, Bati District, Takeo Province. Until now, this building has been constructed 23%.

It is worth to note that this multi-purpose building started construction on February 1, 2024 and it is scheduled to be completed on May 31, 2024. The building has two floors, 12 m length and 4 m 50 cm width surrounded by a metal fence.

This building will be used as:
1). A Vipassana Meditation and Dharma Center for Buddhists
2). A Meeting Hall for Village Development Works and other events in the village
3). A recreation Center for general people
4). A lounge for national and international guests as well as a meeting room
5). A museum sharing all achievements of the village

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H.E. Kemreat Viseth “Harmonization among civil society partners contributes to national progress and prosperity”

[Beijing] H.E. Duong Virorth, Permanent Deputy Chairman of CSAF Board of Directors with the permission of H.E. Kemreat Viseth, Secretary of State of OCM, and Chairman of CSAF Board of Directors, led 25 Cambodian delegates including civil servants from the Office of the Council of Ministers (OCM), Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MCFA), Ministry of Cult and Religion (MCR), Ministry of Tourism (MoT), academia and civil society organizations to pay a nine-day exchange visit from 14 to 22 May 2024 to various places in Beijing, Henan and Fujian in a bid to boost bond of people to people of the two countries . In a meeting on May 15 2024 with Mr. Wang Ke, Secretary-General of the China NGO Network for International Exchange (CNIE) at the CNIE office in Beijing, H.E. Duong Virorth said that this exchange program signified ironclad relationship Cambodia and China, as well as further highlighted four features: 1). Cambodian People\'s happiness living in peace of the Techo Era; 2). Full freedom space; 3). Cooperation with professional Chinese civil society partners who has China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD) Office in Cambodia as a bridging partner and; 4). Many achievements responding to the real needs of Cambodian people arising from cooperation projects between civil societies of the two countries.On behalf of CNIE, Mr. Wang Ke expressed his praise and appreciation to CSAF for having 1,144 partners from associations, NGOs, trade unions and CBOs who working as trustful partners and mutual support to serve real interests of Cambodian people. In addition, Mr. Wang Ke, on behalf of CFPD firmly believed that under the willing leadership of H.E. Kemreat Viseth, CSAF will continue its strength under the umbrella of Office of the Council of Ministers (OCM) to contribute to the harmonization of civil societies for national progress and prosperity in line with the shared goal of CSAF and CFPD under the wise leadership of Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia.On behalf of 12 civil society organizations as representatives of their 1,144 civil society partners, Dr. Sang Eap, Vice President of Investor Federal Association of Cambodia (IFAC), excitedly spoke that this exchange visit is not only an opportunity for direct cooperation with CNIE, but also to personally earn experiences from what Chinese civil societies have been contributing to social development. In this regard, Cambodian civil societies and related stakeholders in the delegation expressed their common purpose to attract more Chinese investors, tourists and civil societies to implement their projects in Cambodia in response to the people-people cooperation under ironclad friendship of the two countries.

H.E. Kemreth Viseth “Child wellbeing is the greatest asset for society”

Bati District:  The Working Group of Planning and Project Department under permission from H.E. Kemreth Viseth, Chairman of CSAF Board Directors, facilitated with Ms. Hean Chanthou, who lives in Bati District, to be able to prepare for her 11-year-old daughter named Lay Oun Nea to receive free Atrial Septal Defect ​(ASD) surgery and treatment at Fuwai Heart Hospital, Yunnan Province, China.Happily speaking, Ms. Hean Chanthou said that more than ever, Cambodian people live in the Techo Era and under the wise leadership of Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia has provided such great take cares to the well-being of Cambodian people.Furthermore, she also expressed her gratitude to H.E. Kemreth Viseth, Chairman of CSAF Board Directors, who provided supports to facilitate a group of Chinese doctors to examine and treat all children with cardiovascular disease in Bati district. Her daughter who has Atrial Septal Defect ​(ASD) received full supports for her surgery and treatment in China from H.E. Chairman including Cambodian passport application, traveling fees, meals, visas, airfare and out-of-pocket expenses for her and her daughter.On behalf of H.E. Chairman, Mr. Kem Chanthou who visited Lay Oun Nea\'s home, expressed his appreciation to the local authorities and civil society for their cooperation during the Chinese medical team\'s visit and in time of sending Lay Oun Nea to China for surgery and treatment through the coordination of CSAF. He also encouraged civil society organizations to collaborate with CSAF to serve more benefits to local people and contribute to the Royal Government of Cambodia to respond to real needs of Cambodian people.

Internal Meeting on CSAF  5-Year Strategic Plan (2024-2028)

In the morning of Tuesday 30 January 30 2024, five-year Strategic Plan meeting 2024-2028 was held under the chairmanship of H.E Kemreth Viseth, Chairman of CSAF Board Directors with the participation and discussion of Standing Vice-chairman of Board Directors, His Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary Generals and the representatives of the four departments of CSAF.Speaking in the meeting, His Excellency Chairman highlighted the importance of the five-year Strategic Plan 2024-2028 as a blueprint for guiding CSAF vision, mission and goals to be implemented in the next five years in accordance with the \"Pentagon Strategy-Phase I» of the Royal Government of Cambodia of the 7th legislature of the National Assembly, other relevant development frameworks, especially in accordance with the sub-decree on the Organization and Functioning of Civil Society Alliance Forum.