About Civil Society Alliance Forum

The CSAF Is an institution established under the sub-decree No. 128 of the Royal Government of June 26, 2016 to support the development of the country through civil society in accordance with Cambodia’s national development policy.

The organization aims to promote cooperation between NGOs, community associations and unions with the government coordinate their work with the local authority to encourage and promote increased collaboration and sharing of experiences between all institutions in the fields of civil society in order to achieve the rapid development of sustainable Mechanical and sustainability.

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Development Projects

The Community-Based Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Project (CBTCR)

The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has obtained a Grant from the Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific (JFPR), administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to fund the Community-Based Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Project implemented by the Civil Society Alliance Forum (CSAF) for an amount of US$3 million to fund the project. The Community-Based Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Project will promote tourism development in (i) Techo Thamacheat village in Choam Khsant district, Preah Vihear province, and (ii) Prek Taphor village in Angkor Borei district, Takeo province. The two villages are located in waterfront areas and are close to significant heritage sites of the Sacred Site of the Temple of Preah Vihear and Phnom Da temple.

Cambodia-China Friendship Village Project for Poverty Alleviation

Project OverviewsCambodia-China Friendship Village Project for Poverty Alleviation is a joint project between Civil Society Alliance Forum (CSAF) and the China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD), which showcases efforts to strengthen cooperation in the field of civil society between Cambodia and China on promoting people-to-people connections and mutual understanding.With the support of CFPD, this development project aims to strengthen closer cooperation between civil society organizations of the two countries, as well as to develop a model project reducing poverty in the target village. This project is implemented in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at eradicating poverty by 2030, and in particular in line with  “Rectangular Strategy” for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency Phase IV building the Foundation Towards Realizing the Cambodia Vision 2050.Tanorn village located in Doung commune, Bati district, Takeo province was selected as a model village for the implementation of the three-year project (2019-2022). In order to eradicate poverty and improve the livelihood of people, it is necessary to understand the development challenges in this target village. Therefore, the challenges and actual needs are identified through public forums and village surveys conducted by CSAF. As results, the project implementation strategy will focus on three main areas for the development of Tanon village including: 1- Infrastructure development, 2-Social protection, sanitation and environmental promotion, and 3- Economic development and income generation. The main activities of the project will focus on infrastructure development, education promotion and water supply, population health protection, agricultural development such as animal husbandry and rehabilitation, traditional handicrafts, vocational training and so forth.After successful implementation of this project, Tanorn village is expected to gain a better socio-economic status, with the development of infrastructure, education and health care that help improve people\'s lives, better health and hygiene and more stable and higher incomes. The success of Tanorn Model Village project will provide guidelines for other development cooperation projects between Cambodian and Chinese civil societies in order to eradicate poverty and to strengthen international cooperation.

Panda Package Project

Project OverviewsIn response to the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), Chinese non-governmental organizations have been actively engaged in social developments in countries along the Belt and Road under the framework of the \"Silk Road Community Building Initiative\". With the importance of children\'s education, there is a growing need for educational initiatives to provide the right motivation for young children. As the number of young children with diverse backgrounds enrolled in primary school is constantly increasing, measures that could effectively respond to these changes in the educational environment are also in urgent need.the Panda Package Project implemented in the Kingdom of Cambodia between CSAF and CFRD in order to improve the education quality of Cambodian children.China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD)​ started collaboration with CSAF in 2018 in order to provide study materials to students throughout Cambodia including pens, pencils, markers, erasers, pens, rulers, and many more.​ Over the past five years, more than 180,000 packages of study materials donated by CFRD have been distributed to students across Cambodia through CSAF.​ Meanwhile 30,056 panda packages had been distributed in 2023 to 112 Schools with students studying in Phnom Penh, Takeo, Kampong Speu, Battambang, Siem Reap and Kampong Thom Provinces.This project also plays important roles in other 3 additional testimonies:Participation in promoting the quantity and quality of education for Cambodian studentsParticipation in strengthening and expanding the traditional relations between two countries and between Cambodian-Chinese peopleParticipation in celebrating the 65th anniversary of Cambodia-China DiplomaticRelations.

Latest News

Donation of 300 Bicycles Help Students in Kampong Speu Province commute to their Schools

Kampong Speu: In the morning of 5 December 2023, Distribution Ceremony of 300 Bicycles supported by China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) through CSAF was held at Tuol Skor Primary School located in in Thnal Dach village, Preah Khae commune, Borseth District, Kampong Speu Province. Speaking in this event, Mr. Kevin Wang, a representative of CFRD and on behalf of its partners, including Hello Inc. and the COSCO SHIPPING CHARITY FOUNDATION of China expressed his high appreciation to CSAF for providing excellent cooperation to the Chinese side in facilitating with local authorities, including the District Education Office and the Administration in Borseth district to provide this mean of transportation to students which is a great incentive for their studies.Mr. Kong Chhay, Deputy Governor of Borseth District expressed his supports the close cooperation between the civil society of our two countries, Cambodia and China, and he also sincerely thanked CSAF And CFRD, who have mobilized a lot of assistance from civil society and international companies to contribute to respond to the real needs of Cambodian people. He also highlighted that today\'s bicycle donation is a further testament to the fact that CSAF has been contributing to the development of human resources in Kampong Speu Province.While Dr. Chhem Chamnan, President of the Cambodian Bus Association and representative of Our Brothers Foundation also expressed his admiration and gratitude to CSAF, CFRD, Hello Inc. Company, and the COSCO SHIPPING CHARITY FOUNDATION, which provided 300 bicycles to poor and disadvantaged students at Tuol Skor Primary School. Today\'s donation is largely contributed to the implementation of the Pentagon policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the wise leadership of Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the development of human capital and to contribute to building a shared destiny community of humanity as well.

Welcome Party to delegation of Shenzhen Municipality Administration and Chinese Investors

On the evening of October 10, 2023, H.E. Kemreat Viseth, CSAF Chairman hosted a Welcome Party to a delegation of Shenzhen Municipality Administration and Chinese investors visiting to Cambodia.Speaking in this welcoming party, His Excellency cordially welcomed and profoundly thanked to the Chinese delegation for their continuous attention and supports to CSAF, regardless of the circumstances during and post Covid 19 crisis. As a testament today, this visit also demonstrates the strengthening of cooperation between Cambodia and China, especially within the framework of civil society of the two countries to be closer ties.

Cambodia-China Friendship Library Hand Over Ceremony

Kampong Cham: In the morning of September 22nd, 2023, Cambodia-China Friendship Library, which is a gift from the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, through CSAF, is handed over to Prasotr Primary School located in Prasotr Village, Cheung Prey Commune, Batheay District, Kampong Cham Province.Addressing at this ceremony on behalf of His Excellency Kemreat Viseth, CSAF Chairman, Dr. Chea Munirith, Director of the Planning and Project Department of CSAF, informed the school management, teachers, students and local authorities that under the wise leadership of Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the relationship between Cambodia and China has become stronger, which has provided more benefits to both countries, Cambodia and China. In particular, the improvement of the library in Prasotr Primary School is another new achievement to directly serve 235 students studying in this school and to provide opportunities for the general citizens in Prasotr village, and Cheung Prey commune as a whole to enjoy reading lots of books here as well. On that occasion, Dr. Chea Munirith expressed his grateful thanks to the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia for its continuous support to CSAF\'s mission to involve in responding rural development to the real needs of the people. He has also appreciated the efforts and participation of the school management, local authorities, teachers, school management committee in supporting of the implementation of the library improvement.  Mr. Plouch Pha, Principal of Prasotr School, speaking on behalf of the school management, teachers, school management committee and his own behalf, expressed his happiness with the noble achievement of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia through CSAF, and he is committed to continue maintaining the library for longer use. He considers this achievement as a friendship between the people of our two countries.Sinh Kim Leng, studying at grade six, smiles happily and hopes that her study will be improved with the newly improved and modified library which is an invaluable gift from Chinese friends, where she and other students always spend time reading many good books to gain additional knowledge.

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