Dialogue Forum between Civil Society Alliance Forum, NGO and Kampong Chhnang Provincial Authority

(Kampong Chhnang): Mr. Kem Rath Viseth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civil Society Forum, on March 12, 2018, presided over the meeting with Mr. Sun Sovannarith, Deputy Governor of Kampong Chhnang Province. District-Municipality, Commune-Sangkat Council, as well as representatives of organizations, associations, unions and communities throughout Kampong Chhnang Province.

With a warm welcome, Mr. Kem Rath Viseth confirmed that It is not a regulatory body governing civil society organizations, nor is it an operator that acts like a civil society organization. វ. ស. ស. It is a coordinating institution to strengthen cooperation and development partnership between the Royal Government and civil society organizations.

CSAF Understand the challenges and concerns of the people through local civil society to jointly address and contribute to the promotion of access to accurate information to prevent adverse effects in society resulting from media exaggeration. Some. វ. ស. ស. Strive to expand cooperation with national and international civil society organizations in order to study and draw on important experiences around the world to contribute to the development of the country through the field of civil society effectively.

He also stressed the indispensable role of civil society in contributing to the government to improve the well-being of local people.

Conversation forum organized by VSS Under the cooperation and support of Kampong Chhnang Provincial Authority, it has the full support of all participants because this forum has created good opportunities and environment for frank and direct discussions and consultations between NGOs and unions. Community with the Royal Government, relevant authorities on local real challenges and various requests of the people.

Some challenges and suggestions are actually addressed in the forum, and some issues that require further study and resolution at the technical level will be discussed with the authorities, institutions and competent authorities to continue to find solutions. វ. ស. ស. Ready to cooperate harmoniously in the family, all civil society to jointly solve challenges and jointly develop a sustainable society.