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Bid Opening for the Procurement of Works

In the afternoon of 14th November 2023, in accordance with the Procurement Procedures, the Procurement Review Committee and the Bid Evaluation Committee of CBTCR held a bid opening of Open Competitive Bidding (OCB) for the procurement of works for Package No. CSAF-CW01: Construction of O Svay Lake Tourist Center and Tourism Access Works in Preah Vihear province.

The bid opening was chaired by H.E. Duong Virorth, CSAF Permanent Deputy Chairman and CBTCR Project Manager, on behalf of H.E. Kemreth Viseth, Chairman of CSAF Board Directors and CBTCR Project Director with the participation of representatives of bidders, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and relevant working groups.

As the reported by procurement team, nine companies were interested and purchased the bidding documents, and eight companies have submitted their bidding documents on time as submission deadline. The Bid Opening Committee was opened and read out carefully all the submitted bidding documents by following the procedure. The bid opening has been conducted smoothly, with no parties expressed their disagreements.

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Election for selecting members of Boeung O’Svay Tourism Community Management Committee

[Preah Vihear] On 3 Many 2023, PIU Preah Vihear facilitated an election to select members of Boeung O\'Svay Tourism Community Management Committee who will be in charge of the following roles and responsibilities:Participate in the implementation of national tourism development policies and poverty reduction strategies of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) through the development of tourism communities;Protect forests, biodiversity and water resources for the common goods of the people in the community;Job creation and income generation for the community through tourism services;Fulfill the needs of local people by using natural resources in sustainable manners through community tourism;Maximize the involvement of community in biodiversity conservation management through community and agro-tourism services provisions.After this free and fair election completed, PIU Preah Vihear successfully selected 11 (F:5) members including 1 Committee Director, 1 Committee Deputy Director and other 9 members who are in charge of each section of this committees.

First Boeung O’Svay Management Committee Meeting

[Preah Vihear] On 2 June 2023, H.E. Khou Eanghourt, Deputy director-general of the National Authority for Preah Vihear (NAPV), a CBT Project Manager based in Preah Vihear Province, H.E. Hem Sinath, Deputy director-general of NAPV and CBT Project Coordinator based in Preah Vihear Province presided over in the first CBT management committee meeting with participation of 4 CBT project staffs, 11 (F: 5) members of CBT management committee and a village chief held in NAPV Meeting Hall.This meeting aimed to 1). to introduce CBT project implementers and CBT management committee members, 2). to review draft bylaws and regulations of Boeung O Svay Tourist Community and 3). To define roles and responsibilities of the committee members.It is worth noting that this meeting was held after achieving the official results of CBT of Boeung O’Svay management committee members selection with the meaningful participations of all community members conducted on 3 May 2023. Boeung O\'Svay Tourist Community was initiated by CBT Covid-19 Recovery Project to accelerate the rehabilitation of tourism after the Covid-19 Crisis in rural communities located in the Preah Vihear Temple Resort.

Review Mission to Angkor Borei District, Takeo Province

Angkor Borei District: On September 12, 2023, CSAF on behalf of CBTCR Project Coordinating Unit led an ADB delegation to Cambodia (ADB-CARM), MEF Expert Officers, and national and international experts who are project consultants to conduct field visit the project implementation site in Angkor Borei District, Takeo Province, including: Phnom Da District Hall, Wat Kramum and Lobster farm. In addition, the delegation also met and exchanged views with local leaders, districts and communes and community representatives to study the impact of relevant work and suggestions for project improvement in the target area.