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First Boeung O’Svay Management Committee Meeting

[Preah Vihear] On 2 June 2023, H.E. Khou Eanghourt, Deputy director-general of the National Authority for Preah Vihear (NAPV), a CBT Project Manager based in Preah Vihear Province, H.E. Hem Sinath, Deputy director-general of NAPV and CBT Project Coordinator based in Preah Vihear Province presided over in the first CBT management committee meeting with participation of 4 CBT project staffs, 11 (F: 5) members of CBT management committee and a village chief held in NAPV Meeting Hall.

This meeting aimed to 1). to introduce CBT project implementers and CBT management committee members, 2). to review draft bylaws and regulations of Boeung O Svay Tourist Community and 3). To define roles and responsibilities of the committee members.

It is worth noting that this meeting was held after achieving the official results of CBT of Boeung O’Svay management committee members selection with the meaningful participations of all community members conducted on 3 May 2023. Boeung O’Svay Tourist Community was initiated by CBT Covid-19 Recovery Project to accelerate the rehabilitation of tourism after the Covid-19 Crisis in rural communities located in the Preah Vihear Temple Resort.

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Review Mission to Preah Vihear Province

Preah Vihear: As part of the mission to monitor the progress of the Community-Based Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Project (CBTCR), CSAF facilitated a review mission of Asian Development Bank delegation in Cambodia (ADB-Carm), Expert officers of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and national-international experts who are project consultants to carry a face-to-face meeting with local people and authorities and to inspect project target sites, such as O\' Svay Dam Nature Tourism Community, Home Stay sites at Samdech Techo Hun Sen Natural Village, Sraem Commune, Choam Ksan District and to conduct visit Preah Vihear Temple.Meeting with PIU Preah Vihear, Commune and District Authorities and Community RepresentativesADB Delegation, MEF Expert officers, national-international experts, Commune and District Authorities and Community RepresentativesField Visit to O\' Svay Dam Nature Tourism CommunityHome Stay sites at Samdech Techo Hun Sen Natural VillageVisit to Preah Vihear Temple

Consultative Meeting on detailed master plan and social and environmental impacts of Community Building construction

Takeo: In the morning of 6th October 2023, PIU Takeo of the Community-Based Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Project (CBTCR) facilitated a consultative meeting on detailed master plan and social and environmental impacts of Community Building construction (CW02) in Ankor Borei District, Takeo Province.This meeting was conducted under supervision of H.E. Duong Virorth, CSAF Permanent Vice-chairman and CBTCT Project Manager with a total of 64 (F:18) participants who are project consultants, 3 commune chiefs of Angkor Borei, Prek Ptaol, and Kork Thlork Communes, 14 village chiefs in above 3 communes, community committee, and 25 representatives of local people.

Community Meeting in Prek Phtaol Commune to Disseminate CBTCR Project

[Takeo] On 25 May 2023, Mr. Ruos Rath, Deputy Governor of Angkor Borei District and Director of PIU Takeo conducted a dissemination meeting on “Community-Based Tourism Covid-19 Recovery Project” at Prek Phtaol Commune Office with total 56 (F:20) participants who are members of Commune Council, all village chiefs in the commune, and local people in the community.The objectives of this meeting are to disseminate the objectives and main activities of the project, Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in Takeo Province, requirements and procedures to elect and establish Phnom Da Community Tourism Management Committee, and drafting bylaws, regulation and roles and responsibilities of the committee members.It’s worth to note that Community-Based Tourism Covid-19 Recovery Project consists of 2 PIU including Phnom Da Resort in Angor Borei District, Takeo Province and Techo Thamacheat Village, Choam Khsant district, Preah Vihear Province who are in charge of three main activities including strengthening local capacity for community-based tourism development and promotion; implementing Community-based tourism and livelihood activities and enhancing Community-based public facilities and services.